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Waking Up

Posted by Kelly on May 12, 2014 at 5:45 PM

I feel like I've been asleep, stuck in a dream for the past 5 years. It hasn't been a good dream... But now I've woken up. I'm FINALLY becoming myself again. I don't expect anyone to understand what I'm saying here, but just know that I'm about to do great things. I don't brag, it's something I just don't do but I have to say I am an amazing woman and it's time I show the world who I am.

I found the obstacles in my life and hurdled them. I also finally realized how badly I've been oppressed throughout my entire life... My family, every adult in my life wanted me to change to suit their standards. No one allowed me to be myself 100 %. If my mother hadn't been so lenient in some situations, I probably would have put the terrible thoughts I'd had in my teenage years into action. All along, I never knew but I know now that people kept bringing me down & forcing me to be someone I didn't want to be.

The major difference between now & then is now, I'm in full control of me. I'm finally free of the oppression because I have learned to focus solely on what I WANT & what I NEED. If someone disagrees, I don't have time to fix their problems because it is THEIR problem, not mine. I'm taking care of myself so they should take care of theirself & stop worrying about what I'm doing. Maybe it's selfish in a way but YOU are the only person you can always depend on. You have to be your own best friend, your own motivation, your own light, learn to think for yourself and guide yourself to where you're meant to be and your purpose in this life.

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