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Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Posted by Kelly on November 12, 2013 at 7:55 PM Comments comments (0)

On their way back home during the spring break, Darry and Patricia Jenner witness a mysterious person dumping something down a tunnel. Deciding to discover what was dumped down there, Darry discovers a huge disturbing hideout full of modified bodies.

Darry and Patricia set off to get help, unaware that the individual is now aware of who has been down the tunnel. Darry and Patricia soon realize that their pursuer is not just a mysterious person, but something even more horrifying, who has more in store than they could possibly imagine. This flesh eating creature is on the last day of its ritualistic eating spree.

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Starring: Gina Philips, Justin Long & Jonathan Breck

Directed By: Victor Salva

Genre: Horror, Mystery

Runtime: 90 Minutes

Release Date: August 2001

Although this film isn't perfect by any means, it has so much going for it. This film has a good plot, developed characters, great acting, visual style, suspense and originality. The film is built on simple horror ideas and is pretty uneven towards the end but overall it doesn't fail to grasp the imagination and honestly this is one movie that has always struck fear into me for some reason. Of course I don't mean screaming or jumping terror, but the kind of fear that makes your heart race a bit. And yes, I know this film has a few silly aspects but I like it. 8/10

I Spit On Your Grave (2010)

Posted by Kelly on November 12, 2013 at 6:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Writer Jennifer Hills (Sarah Butler) takes a retreat from the city to a charming cabin in the woods to start on her next book.

But Jennifer's presence in the small town attracts the attention of a few morally depraved locals who set out one night to teach this city girl a lesson. They break into her cabin to scare her. However, what starts out as terrifying acts of humiliation and intimidation, quickly and uncontrollably escalates into a night of physical abuse and torturous assault. But before they can kill her, Jennifer sacrifices her broken and beaten body to a raging river that washes her away.

As time passes, the men slowly stop searching for her body and try to go back to life as usual. But that isn't about to happen. Against all odds, Jennifer Hills survived her ordeal. Now, with hell bent vengeance, Jennifer's sole purpose is to turn the tables on these animals and to inflict upon them every horrifying and torturous moment they carried out on her... only much, much worse.

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Starring: Sarah Butler

Directed By: Steven R. Monroe

Genre: Crime, Horror, Thriller

Runtime: 105 (R-Rated), 108 (Unrated)

Release Date: May 2010

This movie turned out to be a bit more shocking than I expected, with the brutal and sadistic elements including a rape scene and the woman's cliche revenge. The revenge she seeks out on each person involved in her torment is a reflection of what they did to her, only worse.

The pulp of this film is based around the sort of torture shown in so many movies. It seems that's all "Horror" movies are about anymore. Regardless, I Spit On Your Grave was an ok film. I can't say the same for I Spit On Your Grave 2 (The acting was terrible and there was so much tortue.. what a surprise). I'd like to see the original to see if it's any better. 6/10