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How To Be Attractive (Naturally)

Posted by Kelly on December 4, 2013 at 7:40 PM Comments comments (0)

This is mainly what women are attracted to in men but in some cases I think these things apply to a woman's attraction as well.

Women are attracted to a man's behavior. We'll start with the most well known of all, CONFIDENCE.

Confidence isn't only being certain with yourself but also knowing how to handle uncertainty. Confident people are the ones that can stay calm in any situation without getting over-emotional. When you are confident you appear to know what you're doing and therefore appear as reliable. Confidence is not only key to getting people to like you but it's the gateway to success in every part of your life.

Why does confidence matter to women so much? Well one theory is based on our ancestors (you know, cavemen haha) Women would rely on emotions for survival. Women couldn't fight as well as men (Men supposedly think more rationally and have more muscle mass) so when it comes to conflict, women would be indirect and never get to the point of things. Conflict avoidance was (and still is) a deeply rooted survival mechanism in women. An example in modern times would be the one word replies and the lack of interest and communication. It's just a woman's way of protecting herself and in some cases, her baby or children as well. 

Women want a confident man instead of a man too afraid to act because in a life or death situation the woman knows she can depend on that man to help keep her safe.

The next attractive behavior is CHARM. 

Being charming means you have the ability to make people feel comfortable around you. Complimenting women directly (*confidence*) lets a woman know you like her and appreciate her and in turn she will be comfortable around you and willing to stick around. Women spend so much of their life buying makeup and revealing clothing and spend hours in a single day to make herself look as beautiful as possible because we know men are attracted to our bodies.

Men are attracted to a woman's body because the body tells you the health of a woman and whether or not she could survive pregnancy. Men are attracted to young women (who are more likely to be healthy) and the curves of her body. Let's face it, if a girl has wide hips, that's a major indicator that she's ready to give birth. I'm not saying it means she's pregnant, it just means she's ready to carry a baby and her hips are good and wide enough to allow a baby to pass through. This natural way of sizing up a woman isn't necessary anymore but it's still accurate. 

If you like something about a woman, even if it's a part of her body, just tell her because in most cases it's charming. But then again if you say you like her breasts, you may appear as a creep. Take time to get to know the woman before just blurting out your thoughts on her tits or ass. If a woman knows that you think she is beautiful, it makes her feel worthy and justifies all the time she spends on her appearance. It is so important to regularly remind women why you think they are so beautiful to you and reinforce the notion as well.

Last of all is RESPONSIBILITY.

Basically women are attracted to a man who will act out his role of the dominant male. Men have always been seen as the leader in relationships, since he makes all of the advances from initiating interest and talking to a woman all the way to having sex. Women are typically indirect and submissive so they rarely initiate anything related to advancing, even making you aware they are interested at all. They throw out clues but deep down women know those clues are useless. Men rarely notice those indirect clues mainly because they don't spend as much time analyzing things as women do. Besides, there's no point looking for clues when a man can just do something and see if she responds or not.

Responsibility also means looking out for yourself first, women second and everybody else last. 

Here's an example: Let's say you're on a train with your lady and there are no seats left. So you're both standing there uncomfortably. Then somebody leaves and one seat is free, so what do you do? Most men would give the seat to the woman but that's not showing responsibility because the guy will still be standing there uncomfortably although he should be putting himself first. Sure it would be nice of you to give her the seat but you're putting her importance over your own and that's not attractive to women. If a guy keeps doing "nice" things like that she will eventually leave.

The best thing to do is take the seat for yourself. This is better because you're looking out for yourself first. So the woman would still be standing there but all you have to do is sit down and physically move her onto your lap. This would show responsibility (you put yourself first), confidence (you physically grabbed her and moved her) and charm  (you're making her comfortable by letting her sit on your lap). 

Here's another example: Let's say it's cold outside and you're taking a walk with your lady. You're wearing a nice fleece lined jacket but your girl was forgetful and didn't bring one along. She's shivering and complaining so you could give her your jacket but then you'd be cold. You could just ignore her complaints but that's not charming at all. So what do you do? Just unzip your jacket and wrap her in it close to you so you can share the warmth. This stuff should come naturally to a guy once he starts putting himself first. 

And I guarantee the ladies will stick around. ;)