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For the past few weeks I've been trying to teach myself to eat healthier & BE healthier in general.

So here's a few tips:

NO Regular Soda. Occasionally a Diet Soda is ok but don't make that a habit either. Soda is one of the worst things you can put into your body.

NO Fast Food Meals.

Switch to Whole Wheat Breads & Pasta.

Add Fruits & Veggies to All Meals

Base Each Meal Around Fruits or Veggies

Keep telling yourself that you can do this, you NEED to do this for YOURSELF. You only have one body to live your life in.

Drink about 30oz FIRST THING when you wake up!

Increase your Fiber intake. A high fiber diet helps get rid of junk in your pipes. Blueberries have loads of fiber. There's loads of ways to increase Fiber.

Eat a snack around 3:00 or 4:00pm. Get something that will give you a boost of protein or fiber but nothing too sweet.

When it comes to salt, use Sea Salt and only use in moderation.



Waking Up

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I feel like I've been asleep, stuck in a dream for the past 5 years. It hasn't been a good dream... But now I've woken up. I'm FINALLY becoming myself again. I don't expect anyone to understand what I'm saying here, but just know that I'm about to do great things. I don't brag, it's something I just don't do but I have to say I am an amazing woman and it's time I show the world who I am.

I found the obstacles in my life and hurdled them. I also finally realized how badly I've been oppressed throughout my entire life... My family, every adult in my life wanted me to change to suit their standards. No one allowed me to be myself 100 %. If my mother hadn't been so lenient in some situations, I probably would have put the terrible thoughts I'd had in my teenage years into action. All along, I never knew but I know now that people kept bringing me down & forcing me to be someone I didn't want to be.

The major difference between now & then is now, I'm in full control of me. I'm finally free of the oppression because I have learned to focus solely on what I WANT & what I NEED. If someone disagrees, I don't have time to fix their problems because it is THEIR problem, not mine. I'm taking care of myself so they should take care of theirself & stop worrying about what I'm doing. Maybe it's selfish in a way but YOU are the only person you can always depend on. You have to be your own best friend, your own motivation, your own light, learn to think for yourself and guide yourself to where you're meant to be and your purpose in this life.

Ways To Stop Feeling Fat

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Remember you are a f***ing genius, hysterically funny & really popular.

Get super dressed up and spend an inordinate amount of time on your hair and makeup, just to go get groceries or perform other mundane tasks.

Make a list of 10 things you want to do before you die, and indulge the most exciting one you can come up with. That may mean taking ONE action step towards achieving the goal of your choice (e.g. if you want to sing at Carnegie Hall, start practicing your scales).

Masturbate. Regularly. (Or have sex, whichever.)

Wrap your body head-to-toe in something hyper-comfortable, like warm bath water, fresh sheets or maybe an old cashmere Juicy jumpsuit. Remember those? I'm '90s reminiscing like whoa.

Just for a moment, pretend that God is a fact. Does he give a shit about your weight? I mean, come on. What other gifts has the Universe bestowed upon you, lucky girl?

Google fat activism. It's a thing.

Imagine someone in your life that loves you totally unconditionally. Is it a parent? A sibling? That nerdy boy who had a HUGE crush on you in 7th grade? Close your eyes and imagine looking at yourself through their eyes.

10 Ways To Stop 'Feeling Fat'.

I Am Perfect

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Throughout my entire life I've had a hard time accepting myself & my flaws. I've always felt like I'm not worthy or good enough in most aspects of life. However, I've ventured out into the world & now I know the truth is I am absolutely perfect exactly as I am and you are too. 

In the words of Heidi Powell (a woman I admire & look up to) ... "I believe that everyone and every thing is perfect and beautiful in its imperfect state of being. Think about that for one second – imagine that just maybe your imperfections actually make you perfect. Don’t you just love the freedom that thought gives you? Well, time to realize the reality of the thought and let go of our self-judgments and negative self-talk. It’s time to embrace our imperfections." I couldn't agree more. Here's a link to Heidi's blog entry that inspired me to write this one.

Every person that has ever lived has had imperfections but these imperfections are part of what makes each person unique. If you look at yourself as a whole person & see your strengths along with your weaknesses, you'll start to see that you are perfectly imperfect, meaning you are perfect in your own way. There are no true guidelines for perfection. Whatever ideal state of perfection the media has supplied to our brains isn't accurate or even possible. Even with all the ridiculous procedures & surgeries for physical beauty, it is impossible to reach the media's vision of absolute perfection... Unless of course you have Photoshop or some sort of photo editing software. Photos can be perfect but people have imperfections. I believe when you get to know yourself and accept yourself for who and what you truly are, that is when you will achieve perfection. 

I know I am far from perfect but I have accepted myself the way I am right now (And also my past, which is another story) and I have finally learned to love myself and my flaws.

Here Are A Few Of My Imperfections

1. I'm shy. In school (I'd rather not even talk about the subject...) I was so shy it hurt and my shyness held me back from having fun with everyone else. Still today I'd rather sit back & observe everything instead of blurting out all my thoughts. Unfortunately this has lead many people to think I am either stuck up or have mental problems. 

2. My smile. If I'm not literally laughing with my mouth open my smile looks so weird because for one thing it's crooked & my left front tooth overlaps the right front tooth. This has contributed to my shyness for the majority of my life up until now.

3. My weight. I'm a big girl, not so big that I have trouble getting around and I can see & touch my toes just fine but I'm overweight and have been most of my life. Guys say I'm "thick" and it seems lots of guys like me just for my body but I'm not satisfied with that. I struggle with my reflection daily but I do love my body for all it can do.

4. I'm socially lazy. Lazy doesn't really cover it, I honestly do not know the word(s) I'm looking for here. But I love meeting new people, having meaningful conversations and learning the stories behind the faces and I have loads of friends & acquaintances but it seems like I have trouble with keeping consistent contact. I have only a few close friends now and that's because they are the only ones I have made a real effort to keep in contact with. My only justification for this is that I like variety but I'm aware that's not a good excuse.

5. I care too much. Now this is double-sided; It's good to care in general, and it's good to care about someone that cares about you but the thing is I care too much about people that I mean nothing to. I could tell you some stories that would leave you speechless. My heart is huge and wide open but not as much as it once was. A heart & soul can only handle so much pain.

6. My hair. Once upon a time I could wake up and my hair looked great, I'd brush it real quick and ta-da I was ready to walk out & face the day. But now my hair is in a constant mess. No matter what I do it never looks great, just alright. And only alright sometimes. Most of the times it looks 'ehh' or 'wtf'. It's naturally wavy and I hate wearing my hair up in public (I do not know why) so it usually looks like a total disaster. I haven't given up on it yet but I'm at the end of my rope.


How to Be Happier

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